A Casual Temple Run

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I love wearing dresses that make me look and feel feminine, but I also equally love wearing a t-shirt and jeans. After several days of dresses, I was ready to go for a more casual look, and I bet you are too!

baphuon temple
At The Baphuon Temple

On the day that I visited Angkor Thom (Bayon and Baphuon) and Ta Prohm, I knew there would be a lot of climbing and scrambling over stones. So, I decided to wear jeans and a t-shirt on this day. I paired these tattered acid-washed jeans with a black t-shirt that had a huge sequined cupcake smack in the middle of the shirt. Loose t-shirts with a statement print are quite popular now, and this one was perfect for the day.

baphuon temple
Made it to the top! One of many actually.

Clunky bangles in a contrasting color (aquamarine blue, in this case), a statement ring also in aquamarine and a black choker were my accessories of choice. I switched out my black handbag for a floral backpack to make for easy walking. I wore my white sneakers with minor silver detailing, which I would actually not recommend to anyone else. It looked great and felt comfortable, but the sneakers are now a tragic pinkish red because of all the red sand everywhere. ☹

I lined my eyes and used a mauve pink lipstick to finish out my face, keeping it simple in anticipation of a very warm and humid day.

sequin tee and jeans

Top: Koovs

Jeans: Globus

Choker: Koovs

Bangles: Pantaloons

Ring: Gift from a friend, similar ones can be found in street markets in Bengaluru

Shoes: Koovs

Backpack: Max

Makeup: Kajal and Lipstick from Lakme

PS: These white shoes can also be paired with dresses, lending a sporty vibe to an otherwise feminine look. Here is an example.




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