About Denim Dresses and Greek Neighborhoods

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So, I was recently in Greece, which y’all know, given how I have been spamming your Instagram feeds. πŸ˜€ But, I am back now and also back to writing after the brief hiatus. There is just too much to write about the trip itself, so I decided to start the Greece series with a fashion post. (Greece series – see how that rhymes? I love them rhymes. 😊)

On one of my last days in Athens, I decided to do a city walk and then visit the National Archaeological museum. I love city walks, because of how they allow you to absorb the essence of a place without seeing all the so called “sights”. It was a bright, sunny spring day and a balmy 26 degrees in Athens. I decided to finally wear “The Denim Dress”. I had been looking forward to wearing this dress, because I loved everything about it – the color, the fit, the slightly fringed textured hemline. Take a look.

denim dress

The dress fades to white along the hemline, which also I loved. In fact, there is nothing I don’t love about this dress. πŸ˜€

I accessorized the dress with a simple animal print choker and wore my white shoes with a silver metallic finish (you might remember these shoes from my Cambodia posts, showing you just how versatile white shoes can be). I think the most important choice I made that day was the coral lips. They provide a much-needed pop of color and totally brightened up the otherwise pastel outfit. I think red or fuchsia would have been too jarring, so a soft coral was the perfect choice.


Dress and shoes: Koovs

Choker: Pantaloons

Makeup: Kajal from Lakme, Compact and Lipstick from Color Bar, Blush from Maybelline, Mascara from L’Oreal.

That background you see is not photo-shopped, nor is it Santorini. It is a little neighborhood in Athens called Anafiotika – or little Anafi. The tika or tiki at the end of a Greek word means little or tiny. The residents of the Anafi island moved here looking for work after the Second World War and set up a small island escape for themselves. White washed houses, blue doors with red windows, winding lanes and beautiful gardens overflowing with flowers; Little Anafi amidst the bustle of Athens.

But I digress. Backing up a bit to the denim dress – I didn’t do much else to finish my look. Super short hair means you can just brush it and run out the door (the bliss!) and I just added a watch (my black Baby G, which you have also seen before).

PS: Coral lips (orange and its shades) go really well with blues, especially light blues. If you think you are too dark for orange lipstick, think again. There is definitely a shade of orange for you. The fair ladies can go for shades like tangerine, while darker skinned women can go for deeper oranges. Trust me on this, you will not regret it. Cheers!




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