An Egyptian Monochrome

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Originally, I intended to continue writing about all my outfits during the trip to Cambodia, but then, a friend found this picture on Instagram and asked me to write about it. And because we aim to please, I switched gears to this monochrome dress I wore last year during my trip to Egypt.

monochrome dress
Hiding from the Winter Sun – Abu Simbel

What a journey that was! With a recorded history that spans 5000 years, Egypt is a history-buff’s paradise. The incredibly knowledgeable guides and the great food only made it harder to leave when our time in Egypt was up.

Moving on to the dress, I picked this monochrome maxi dress to wear on my trip to Abu Simbel, about 300 km from Aswan. Generally, it is a good idea to dress conservatively in Egypt. You will see many people in shorts and tank tops, and while this is comfortable, it will also attract a lot of catcalls and leering. Better to just respect their culture and cover up, albeit fashionably. 😊

I paired this dress with a bracelet and necklace set that you might remember seeing in one of my earlier posts. My hair was loose, which was OK, because we went during winter and did not have to contend with heat and humidity. I wore ballerina flats in gold, to obviously make for easy traipsing around tombs and carried a tan fringe handbag to hold my essentials. A white and gold Calvin Klein watch and a hat from Dolce and Gabbana completed my outfit.

monochrome dress
Lost in the beauty of Lake Nasser

I kept the makeup simple – Some compact to even out my complexion and take off the shine, liner on both the upper and lower eyelids, mascara and a nude lipstick. That is it! Ready to roll! Good to go! Ok, I will stop here. I seem to be in the mood for bad and repetitive idioms today, but I will spare you! Enjoy the rest of your Monday!

Dress: AND

Accessories: Pantaloons

Bag: Globus

Shoes: Ginger, from Lifestyle

Watch: Calvin Klein

Hat: Dolce and Gabbana

Makeup: Compact, Mascara and Lipstick from L’Oréal, Eyeliner from Lakme.

PS: This dress paired with the hat is extremely British and quite formal. Pairing it with the Boho tan bag makes it a little relaxed, as well as quirky. It is a good example of how one statement piece can completely transform your outfit.


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