Dress like an Off-duty Princess

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So, all the Tangled and Frozen and Cinderella that I watched or read as a child were bound to have an effect on me. I mean, I was not going to wait for the prince to rescue me, nor was I going to twiddle my thumbs while someone else ruled (Duh!), but, it has given me a penchant for a whimsical, floor-length dress that is not easily satisfied.


And then, when you know you are going to be traipsing around castles for an entire month, it’s reason to rejoice, and channel your inner princess. I mean the 20th century, feminist version of one in your head. 😀

Travelling through Grimm brother country and through some of the most dreamy landscapes in Austria and Liechtenstein, I obviously needed to pack my most fluttery, dreamy maxi dress. Except, it did not exist yet in my closet. I had an idea of what I wanted it to look like. I needed a pastel colored, preferably non-flowery dress that would be reminiscent of a picnic in the redolent countryside. So, I kept my eyes open for something suitable on all my favorite shopping haunts – Koovs, Lifestyle, Splash, Pantaloons and Amazon. Finally, when I did find what I wanted, it was love at first sight. I can admit that this has happened to me only when I shop. 😛

The dress was off-white, with pale pink roses printed all-over. It was cut perfectly to suit my hourglass figure. It did not look like much on the rack, but I knew I could totally rock it! Tell me if you agree! (If you don’t agree, a little white lie never hurt anyone).


I wore the dress with only a silver bracelet as an accessory on a day-trip to verdant Liechtenstein. I decided that I would wear a bright fuchsia pink lipstick, because it would off-set all the pastels on the dress. That was it. This dress was such a star that it needed nothing else. I wore metallic sandals and my brightest smile and walked through meadows and had picnics exactly like I had imagined I would.


When you travel, your day seldom pans out exactly as you imagine it will. But sometimes, it will excel even your imagination. This was a day like that. A fine drizzle contributed a steady pitter-patter on my window, the breeze played with the ruffles on my neck and romantic music on my car stereo enhanced the mood of the day. The cherry on the cake was the fact that I was accompanied by Mon Cher, the only person who could have made this day even more perfect, simply by his presence, by a hand on mine or a kiss on the cheek or just a heart-stopping smile (OK, OK, don’t retch). All I am saying is Life, sometimes, is really good. 🙂

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Dress: Koovs

Shoes: Koovs

Bracelet: Pantaloons

Makeup: Eyeliner and Lipstick from Lakme, Compact from Colorbar, Blush from Maybelline


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