Dress up your Basic Denims and T-shirt

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Have you ever been in that frame of mind where you just don’t want to think about what to wear? You want to throw on your favorite pair of jeans and pair it with something and step out. Except…. you wear it and pair it and then realize….Umm…. too basic. Not what you were shooting for. You want more diva-esque (not really a word, I just made it up :P) and less girl next door.

Don’t worry. I have the perfect fix for exactly this situation. When you travel for long periods, you obviously cannot carry 25 pairs of clothes for 25 days. This means, mixing and matching and getting creative about your outfits to make them look fresh. One of my go-to techniques for styling jeans and to make people quite literally forget that this is, in reality, a very basic look is to throw on a cape, a kimono-jacket or sometimes the husband’s slightly over-sized shirts on top of my jeans and T-shirts. Here is an example.

t-shirt white desertHere, I have on a pair of basic denims and a white T-shirt. But, I also have on a long coral jacket, which draws your eyes because of its color and flowy texture.

t-shirt white desert

Now, all anyone can remember about this outfit is the flowy coral jacket. Perhaps the T-shirt a bit because it creates the perfect backdrop for the jacket to shine. But, no one, absolutely no one, notices the basic denims and there lies the success of this outfit.

This is a look I always return to for movies, to go the park or to other casual trips outside the house. I also use this look a lot for air travel (because long flights=comfy jeans) and when I have run out of washed clothes to wear, which is what happened during this trip to Egypt. 😛

t-shirt white desert
Yes. It was HOT!

I apparently decided to OD on boho jewellery that day, and have stacked on multiple bracelets in the red to brown color palette on both hands. I have also worn earrings in the same colors and I think I kind of like the overall look. It is a sort of cross between chic and kitsch. What do you think?

Bright orange-red lipstick and kohl lined eyes completed my look for a day at the White Desert You can keep it simple with a more natural lip shade and lining only the upper eyelid.

Jeans: Globus

T-shirt: Pantaloons

Accessories: Earrings from Lifestyle, bracelets from flea market in Bangalore

Shoes: Ginger

Watch: Calvin Klein

Makeup: Lipstick from Colorbar, Eyeliner, Blush, Kohl and compact from L’Oreal

PS: It is quite simple to do this look in other ways too. If your T-shirt is plain, you can go for a plaid shirt or checked shirt to put on over your T-shirt. Go for something one size bigger, or like me, choose your husband’s or father’s shirt, because, over-sized shirts are still very chic and the comfort beats everything. If your T-shirt has stripes or print, go for a long jacket like mine or a plain black /white shirt.


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  1. Awesome! I am going to go through your posts for more of such tips. Because, I am always in a fix while packing for a trip, in the fear of being over-weight.

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