Germany – A 16 Day Itinerary

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germany itinerary

Hello there, fellow wanderers! If you have followed my blog at all, you will know that I write very detailed and long itineraries covering the length and the breadth of the countries that I visit. This time, I am doing it a little differently. I plan on writing a more general plan and then separate articles that focus on each city or road trips. This way, people can navigate more easily just to the places that they want to go to, if they are not following the itinerary that I have set out.

Let me know if this makes it easier for you as you plan your trip.

germany itinerary
The Burg Eltz

Without further ado, here is an itinerary you could use if you are going to that part of Europe. And if you are not sure that you should go, here is an article that might convince you otherwise.

I am assuming you are landing in Frankfurt. It is the most accessible airport in Germany, has the most connections and is also the least expensive city to fly into.

Day 1: Fly into Frankfurt, rent a car and drive to Bacharach in the Rhine valley. (Stay in Bacharach or Sankt Goar).

Day 2: Bacharach, and tour the Rhine valley

Day 3: Tour the Rhine valley, and in the evening, drive to the Mosel valley, which is sleepier and less touristy version of the Rhine valley. Stay in Cochem.

Day 4: Tour Cochem, Burg Eltz, Beilstein etc. Stay in Cochem.

Day 5: Drive to Wurzburg. Tour & stay in Wurzburg.

germany itinerary

Day 6: Wurzburg, drive on the Romantic road, stopping in villages along the way, and reach Rothenburg by evening. Tour Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber. Stay in Rothenburg.

Day 7: Tour Rothenburg by day, leave Rothenburg in the afternoon for Fussen. Stay in Fussen.

Day 8: Tour King’s castles, tour Fussen and surroundings in the evening. Stay in Fussen.

Day 9: Day trip to Liechtenstein/hiking or other sports in Fussen surroundings. Stay in Fussen.

Day 10: Drive to Munich, drop off car, and tour Munich in the afternoon.

germany itinerary
Wheat fields along the roads in the Mosel Valley

Day 11: Tour Munich.

Day 12: Tour Munich in the morning, take a noon or afternoon train to Berlin, and check into hotel in Berlin.

Day 14: Tour Berlin. Stay in Berlin.

Day 15: Tour Berlin. Stay in Berlin.

Day 16: Fly out of Berlin, or take a train to Frankfurt and fly out of Frankfurt.

germany itinerary
The Berlin Cathedral

A few things to note. I actually visited Austria and Germany together, in one trip. This is definitely a good idea, because the two countries are incredibly close, both geographically and historically. But I have taken out just the Germany part of it and presented it here, which makes sense too.

Also, I visited Leipzig in Eastern Germany as well, because I had a friend there, but also because the contrast between east and west is still striking. If you are looking to visit a city in Eastern Germany, I would suggest Dresden though. I transited through Dresden, and it looked gorgeous!

germany itinerary

That is it! Follow this, including the suggested modes of transport and you will have an extremely exciting holiday. There is a lot of culture and history on this trip, many beautiful hikes, incredible immersions in nature and an epic road trip to boot. You will love Germany, I promise!


8 thoughts on “Germany – A 16 Day Itinerary

  1. Nice tips where to go in Germany. But Berlin in two days in definitely not enough from my experience. On the other hand, if you want to see as much as possible, then I can understand…Can’t wait for more detailed trips with more pictures! 🙂

    1. Hey Michaela. It’s always interesting to me how different travellers have different paces. Someone actually wrote to me saying so many days in Germany was too much. 😁😁 I actually agree with you. Berlin is worth a lot more than 2 days but I was sort of thinking as part of a larger itinerary, to get a taste the city, two days would work. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

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