Of Printed Shirts and Colored Pants … But, for Men!

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When I started dating my husband, his wardrobe looked like that of any typical guy. Lots of black, brown, dark blue and grey….. and…and….and nothing! That’s all. This was such a jolt to my “mad about color” brain! I mean, is it actually possible to dress without even one bright color on your person? How would you smile at your reflection if you were always black or grey or blue????? But then, luckily, my husband did not particularly care how he dressed, these were just his default choices. Well, OK then! I rubbed my hands in glee, and set about “Re-Coloring” his wardrobe.

Fast forward six years, and this is how he dresses.

men's fashion

He has come a long way hasn’t, he? 🙂

Suraj likes color in his pants quite a bit, as we found out together. So, as I continue writing about his style, you will see a lot more along the lines of these chinos he is wearing. These are a sort of tan color, and a bit tame, but he even has a maroon pair that he has received a lot of compliments for.

I think a lot of men shy away from color, but this is not necessarily a good thing. Of course, keep away from it if that is what you want, but don’t because of gender stereotypes, like men don’t wear pink!! Just so you know, until about the 1940s, boys wore pink, it was even supposed to be the more decided and male color!! Major eye-roll happening here. Then retail manufacturers interpreted America’s wishes differently, and pink became the choice of color for girls, while blue it was for the boys. These stereotypes are merely a product of a mass marketing campaign is all I am saying.

men's fashion

Anyway, if you can bring yourself to wear color, it becomes surprisingly easy for a man to make a statement! Wear a bright-colored pant, and pair that with a sober-colored shirt (black, blues, whites) or go for a lighter hue of the same color as your pant. Trust me, people will not be laughing at you! They will be secretly admiring you and wishing they could do it too. 🙂

Suraj paired his chinos with a black printed shirt, and set my heart aflutter just a bit, if I say so myself. 🙂 He wore Louis Philippe shoes and a G-shock watch, which is a travel staple for him. That watch can withstand anything, I tell you! One more photo for you to take a look at the entire outfit.

Shirt: Pantaloons

Pant: Globus

Shoes: Louis Philippe

Watch: G-Shock

Sunglasses: RayBan

PS: One colored pant like this can be styled in multiple ways. Like I mentioned earlier, it can done with contrasting colors, with basics, with prints and even layers to mention just a few. I will, of course, follow-up with other articles, showing you how to do this. Until then, have a great weekend guys!


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