Egypt – Before you go

There is a fantastical dreamland that the mind of every little child inhabits. In this land, anything is possible. Fairies gallivant under trees, wood-nymphs can grant boons and anybody could own a Pegasus and fly around the world. When my 6-year old mind first saw the Pyramids in a history text book, what magical fantasies … Continue reading Egypt – Before you go

Italy – Before you go

Italy!!! The name invokes a smile on my face, memories of great food and wine, a rich and vibrant culture and incredibly helpful people. Any trip to Italy would involve an immersion in history, as well as great art and architecture, given that this country is the cradle of European civilization. You will see several … Continue reading Italy – Before you go

Angkor Wat sunrise

Cambodia – Before you go

Just as India is more than the Taj Mahal, so is Cambodia more than Angkor. If you were to ask me what stays with me the most about my visit to this beautiful South East Asian country, it is not the ruins of Angkor or the hell that is Toul Sleng (S21 Prison). Rather, it … Continue reading Cambodia – Before you go