planning your time in egypt

Planning your time in Egypt – Part 1/2

Egypt has captured the imagination of historians, art buffs, treasure hunters and movie makers world-wide for over 200 years. This African country has one of the longest histories of any country in the world. By the tenth millennium BC, there was already a grain cultivating population in this land. By about 3150 BC, Egypt had … Continue reading Planning your time in Egypt – Part 1/2


Egypt – Before you go

There is a fantastical dreamland that the mind of every little child inhabits. In this land, anything is possible. Fairies gallivant under trees, wood-nymphs can grant boons and anybody could own a Pegasus and fly around the world. When my 6-year old mind first saw the Pyramids in a history text book, what magical fantasies … Continue reading Egypt – Before you go