t-shirt denims

Dress up your Basic Denims and T-shirt

Have you ever been in that frame of mind where you just don't want to think about what to wear? You want to throw on your favorite pair of jeans and pair it with something and step out. Except.... you wear it and pair it and then realize....Umm.... too basic. Not what you were shooting … Continue reading Dress up your Basic Denims and T-shirt

peplum top

Are peplum tops in or out?

Before my trip to Egypt, I was making a wardrobe raid to figure out what to pack. I came across this beautiful black peplum top with gold sequins on the sleeves. I was not sure if I wanted to wear the top on this trip, because I didn't know if people were still wearing peplum … Continue reading Are peplum tops in or out?

men's fashion

Of Printed Shirts and Colored Pants … But, for Men!

When I started dating my husband, his wardrobe looked like that of any typical guy. Lots of black, brown, dark blue and grey..... and...and....and nothing! That's all. This was such a jolt to my "mad about color" brain! I mean, is it actually possible to dress without even one bright color on your person? How … Continue reading Of Printed Shirts and Colored Pants … But, for Men!

dream wavy shot

The Making of a Dream

Okay, I have been asked to write about this dress forever now. But because I was trying to write in series, I wanted to finish all my Greece and Cambodia posts before starting something new. My sister reminded me this morning that it has been four months since I began blogging, and about time I … Continue reading The Making of a Dream

egypt dungarees

Dungarees – Fierce and Beautiful!

Did you ever throw away a favorite piece of clothing because it was no longer “IN”? I have found that this is usually a grave mistake. Every trend will go into the darkness for a while, undergo a makeover and come back…. sometimes really soon, sometimes ages later. It’s the same way that you might … Continue reading Dungarees – Fierce and Beautiful!