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Travel Story #4 – My Love Affair with Hiking

The dictionary defines hiking as a walk along trails or in the countryside, as opposed to walks which are largely urban. In contrast, treks are long, arduous journeys, typically on foot. As I consider which of these I like best, I suppose I will have to say hiking. Not that trekking is something I dislike, … Continue reading Travel Story #4 – My Love Affair with Hiking

road trip greece

A Road Trip in Greece – Our best road trip yet!

Road trip! The very words put a smile on my face. I have noticed these words have the same curious effect on several people. What else could combine adventure, comfort, the luxury of moving exactly at the pace you want, unexpected little restaurants along the way that astound you, great views and…. I could go … Continue reading A Road Trip in Greece – Our best road trip yet!

fashion evolution

This Day That Age – Fashion Evolution

I have said this before about fashion and I will say it again. Nothing ever really goes out of vogue forever. Things go into the darkness for a while, find new bells and whistles, and come back for another stint on the runway and in the limelight. This is true about most trends, but it … Continue reading This Day That Age – Fashion Evolution


One Day in Meteora

To go to Meteora or not? This was a question that we constantly re-visited almost right upto the day of our flight from Chennai to Athens. Honestly, visiting Meteora did not make sense logistically. It was really out-of-the-way, about 5 hours one way from Athens. It was a UNESCO World Heritage site, but then, Hello! … Continue reading One Day in Meteora

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Women I Admire Series #4

Once upon a time, not so long ago, I had a fey, utterly beautiful and extremely fashionable friend. She was ill very often, but she always bounced back and when she was well, we were bright-eyed with plans to start a fashion blog, go places, do things. Physically, her heart was flawed, but in every … Continue reading Women I Admire Series #4