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Women I Admire Series #4

Once upon a time, not so long ago, I had a fey, utterly beautiful and extremely fashionable friend. She was ill very often, but she always bounced back and when she was well, we were bright-eyed with plans to start a fashion blog, go places, do things. Physically, her heart was flawed, but in every … Continue reading Women I Admire Series #4


Jumpsuits – The New Dresses

Elegant, classic, perfect for that dinner date.... sound like a beautiful dress or gown to you? Ha! But I am not talking about a dress at all. Jumpsuits are the new dresses, taking over as the outfit of choice for those brunches, cocktail parties and even dressy dinners. I love being a woman for many reasons, … Continue reading Jumpsuits – The New Dresses

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About Denim Dresses and Greek Neighborhoods

So, I was recently in Greece, which y'all know, given how I have been spamming your Instagram feeds. 😀 But, I am back now and also back to writing after the brief hiatus. There is just too much to write about the trip itself, so I decided to start the Greece series with a fashion … Continue reading About Denim Dresses and Greek Neighborhoods

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How to Wear Gold Shoes & Not Look Like Elvis!

Have you ever bought a pair of shoes that was so striking, that your entire outfit had to be built around it? I did! I bought a pair of Gold Creeper shoes from Koovs. (no clue what creeper shoes are, do you know?) Picking an outfit that would not compete with these shoes proved to … Continue reading How to Wear Gold Shoes & Not Look Like Elvis!

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Spring is here!

Being from a tropical country like India and living in a coastal city like Chennai, the only time I truly see Spring is on the runways and in people's clothes. While I was growing up, I fantasized about April showers and May flowers, with perhaps a few windmills in the distance to complete the bucolic scene. … Continue reading Spring is here!