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Planning your time in Egypt – Part 2/2

If you’re reading this post as a follow-up to Part 1 of the itinerary, I commend your decision to take a fortnight in Egypt. There is so much to see and do in Egypt that one week will simply not do it justice. If you just happened upon this article first though, definitely read Planning your time in … Continue reading Planning your time in Egypt – Part 2/2

planning your time in egypt

Planning your time in Egypt – Part 1/2

Egypt has captured the imagination of historians, art buffs, treasure hunters and movie makers world-wide for over 200 years. This African country has one of the longest histories of any country in the world. By the tenth millennium BC, there was already a grain cultivating population in this land. By about 3150 BC, Egypt had … Continue reading Planning your time in Egypt – Part 1/2


Egypt – Before you go

There is a fantastical dreamland that the mind of every little child inhabits. In this land, anything is possible. Fairies gallivant under trees, wood-nymphs can grant boons and anybody could own a Pegasus and fly around the world. When my 6-year old mind first saw the Pyramids in a history text book, what magical fantasies … Continue reading Egypt – Before you go

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The Making of a Dream

Okay, I have been asked to write about this dress forever now. But because I was trying to write in series, I wanted to finish all my Greece and Cambodia posts before starting something new. My sister reminded me this morning that it has been four months since I began blogging, and about time I … Continue reading The Making of a Dream