The Making of a Dream

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Okay, I have been asked to write about this dress forever now. But because I was trying to write in series, I wanted to finish all my Greece and Cambodia posts before starting something new. My sister reminded me this morning that it has been four months since I began blogging, and about time I wrote this post! And after that walloping, I couldn’t put it off any longer.

What is all this fuss about, you ask? Well, it all started when I picked up this Indo-western anarkali dress at Globus.

dream wavy shot

The first time I wore it was for Pongal (a regional festival in South India), and then, I just couldn’t find the right occasion to wear it again. So, the beautiful dress slumbered in my closet for several months. Then, we decided to finally take that dream trip to Egypt, and this anarkali dress had a moment to shine at last. I imagined myself in front of the Pyramids, wearing this dress, wind whipping my clothes. Someone would see my dreamy eyes and think, “Wow! Let’s take a picture of this moment.” And thus, this perfect moment would be preserved for posterity.

Well, that was the dream. In reality, we usually set up cameras, maintain excited smiles or dreamy expressions for multiple photographs until we get the perfect one. But then, when we do get that perfect shot, it helps someone else have a dream. And so, it’s worth it. 🙂

dream shot

Very unusually, we had a guide throughout our Egyptian trip, so we got some pretty good couple pictures as well. Like any true blue Indian couple that has grown up watching Bollywood movies, we created a few of those moments in front of the pyramids. And, I must say we saw several other couples trying to get the same kind of shots too! 😛 Well, don’t blame us, blame Bollywood, oh, blame Shah Rukh Khan especially. After all, these guys have been in the business of selling dreams successfully for about a hundred years now. 😛

Outfit details:

Dress: Global desi, from Globus

Shoes: Lifestyle

Necklace: Street market, Bangalore

Earrings: Pantaloons

Watch: Calvin Klein

Make-up: Eye pencil, Blush, Mascara and compact from L’Oreal, Lipstick from Maybelline

PS: I have long been guilty of trying to match my outfits to the country we are going to and the setting we will be in. From anarkali dresses in Egypt to wearing lots of blue and white in Santorini, I give a lot of thought to my travel outfits. Are you one of those people too, or do you prefer traveling light?




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    1. Miriam!!! – I cannot believe you took the time to read my blog, what with your trip coming up shortly! Thank you so much for taking the time and your incredibly kind words. I feel just a little bit prettier today. 🙂

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