There is but one Paris!

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Much has been said and written about Paris and France. It is the city of love, the headquarters of international fashion, home to more than 200 varieties of cheese and I’d better not even start about the wine. I was in France a few years ago, not just Paris but also Normandy, Dijon, Beaune, Avignon and Arles. I walked along the Seine with my husband when spring was just around the corner and drove through the wine country with a mild drizzle pattering my windows. It was one of the most magical trips I have ever taken. And the clothes!!! The average French woman on the street has such an innate sense of minimalistic fashion that she could definitely teach a class.

How do you dress in a place like that? Well, I drew inspiration from the locals, but also married that to my individual style. Take a look at this outfit, for instance.


Admiring the stained glass windows at Les Invalides

I paired these white paint splattered jeans with a very typical desi navy blue sleeveless t-shirt with an elephant print on the chest. Because the temperature was averaging 14 degrees, I layered my outfit with this very smart beige blazer. In line with my desi t-shirt, I wore a pair of black patterned Jutis and finished my outfit with a retro black choker I picked up at a flea market in Boston ages ago. I carried all my stuff in a large cream colored tote bag and kept my make-up subtle because that is just the way to go in Paris. 🙂


As day turned into night and the temperature dipped lower, I added a grey wool cap and a pastel scarf to keep warm as I climbed the Eiffel tower. It is always a great idea to do this climb at night, because Paris lit up, spreading out below you is a sight for sore eyes; one you will definitely miss if you do this during the day.

View from the top of the Eiffel Tower

T-Shirt: Max

Jeans: Max

Blazer: Gift from a friend

Shoes: Commercial Street, Bangalore

Necklace: Flea Market, Boston

Makeup: Kohl from Maybelline, Lipstick and Compact from L’Oreal




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