Women I Admire Series #3 – Nithya Ganesh

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I remember telling Nithya that I wanted to write about her in my blog series, and asking her for some travel pictures. She said,” Wow, me?” And I said, “Women I admire, so yea!” 🙂 That is actually sort of it, in a nutshell. From the day I met her, way back in 2010, I have always looked up to Nithya. She was so wise, incredibly smart, collected and put together. She was clear on her principles and yet, accepting of those who fell outside of her lines. She is such a supportive friend and someone who I truly think wishes well for everyone. All those years ago, I remember hoping that when I was as old she was (I only had a couple of years to catch up), maybe I would be all Yoda-like too! 7 years later, I am still hoping, and she is still Yoda. 😛

Nithya also shed light on something I had overlooked in all my earlier fashion articles. Power dressing! Let me explain. One of her many accomplishments is that she is the founder/director of Premier Futsal. Her travels are largely work related and her style is about comfort, being able to get off an airplane and go into a meeting. When the meetings are done, she also needs to transition from day to night, again for work related parties/dinners.

Take a look at the picture below:

nithya ganesh
Canary Wharf, London
nithya ganesh
Airport, London

She sticks to the neutral palette a lot, because it is very easy to dress them up or down. Black pants, white shirts/blouses and black blazers or jackets are her wardrobe staples. The animal print blouse she is wearing with her black pants is pure genius and adds such a fun twist to an otherwise formal outfit.

When I asked her what she would recommend to women traveling for business, she said that when you’re doing business in Europe, it is important to invest in some basics and on some statement pieces. Most Europeans are very brand conscious and while it is not easy to peek at the labels on your clothes, it is really easy to find out what bag you’re carrying or watch you’re wearing. So, invest in those. For instance, Nithya, as you can see, is carrying a Michael Kors handbag. It’s an easy eye-catcher and a good way to make a statement. Similarly, you could invest in a really good watch or sunglasses. The choice is yours!

I have one last picture to share. This one simply because she looks gorgeous in it.

nithya ganesh
Black and white color block dress from Simply Be, London

She looks so classic and elegant, and pretty much ready to conquer the world, yeah? 🙂

In conclusion, Nithya often reminds me of this quote by Anais Nin.

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage”

When a woman is all heart and fire like Nithya is, it is no wonder that she creates starry eyes amidst all the people whose lives she touches. For seven years, she has been on a pedestal for me, and not once did I ever wonder why she was there. Those people whom she chooses to share her life and time with are a lucky few who know a love so rare in a time famous for its lack of kindness and honor. After all, isn’t that what courage is? The ability to be genuinely kind, even though there is no reason to be. Take her advice, it has never let me down!




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